Do you produce full-length custom cables for PSUs other than for Corsair’s SF series of PSUs?

Currently, we are only producing customs cables for the Corsair SF 400, SF 600 and SF 750 PSUs. However, this will likely change in the near future and we will begin offering custom cables for other power supply manufacturers.


Do I need a specific PSU to make use of your custom cable extensions?

No, custom cable extensions are compatible with all PSUs.


Will you be making custom cables for any other SFF chassis?

We will soon have custom cables available for the Kolink Rokect, Sliger SM580, Cooler Master NR200P and the Skyreach Mini.


I have read somewhere that the 24-pin cable needs to have ‘sense wires’ on the Platinum series of Corsairs SF power supplies. Is this true? 

No, this is absolutely false! Your cables will work perfectly without them.

The "sense wires" or "double wire" are added to sense if there is voltage drop. If there is any voltage drop sensed by the "sense wires", the Power Supply will correct this by increasing the voltage. Voltage drop occurs due to the length and gauge of the wire. The longer the wire and the higher the gauge, the higher the voltage drop.

The stock 24-pin cable on a Corsair SF Power Supply is 18 gauge and 32 cm long.

This amounts to a voltage drop of 0.0133747 or 0.111456 percent. (This is insignificant) 

To get the appropriate bends and turns on our full-length 24-pin custom cables, we use a variety of different cable lengths. The average length is 12 cm and we only use 15 gauge wire (which is more resistant to voltage drop than 18 gauge wire. 

This amounts to a voltage drop of 0.00250146 or 0.0208455 percent. (This is even more insignificant)    

Furthermore, we have only ever used and stress tested our custom made cables on platinum rated SF Power Supplies by Corsair and we have found that leaving out the ‘sense wires’ has no impact on the performance of the computer.

How long does it take to produce my order and ship it out?

It all depends on the number of orders we have in the backlog, what kind of order you have made and for which components. Because everything is handmade and every order is different and every wire is meticulously measured, it can take quite some time to complete a single order. Please allow us between 2 weeks to 4 weeks to complete your order and have it shipped. 


How are you sending my order?

I will be sending each order in a parcel with PostNord. This is to keep down the cost of delivery as much as possible. Most deliveries will be trackable, such as those within the EU, USA and Canada. However, PostNord does not offer tracking for all destination, such as Mexico, for example. A tracking number will be sent via email if it is applicable to your country, if not, there will be no tracking number unfortunately. 


Why do you ask for my Motherboard and Graphics card?

Without knowing exactly what kind of components you have, we can’t produce the correct cables. For example, if you have a RTX 2060 Founder Edition, you will need to explicitly state so, due to the fact that the 8-pin plug for that particular card is in an unorthodox position and thus needs to be longer and bend in an entirely different way. If you simply stated RTX 2060, we couldn’t possibly know what kind of cable you will need.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, we do*. However, our return policy works on a case by case basis. Due to the very nature of producing a uniquely designed custom product, accepting returns may or may not be possible based on your particular order. We will try to accept your returns as your satisfaction is our priority.

How does your return policy work?

If you wish to apply for a refund, please email and inform us of the issue. We will assess your application and if accepted, return the cables with the invoice included and we will refund you once the cables have returned back to us.