List of Materials

MDPC-X is the legendary cable sleeving company founded in 2007, globally renowned as a class of its own. MDPC-X cable sleeving is globally unique in every aspect, living up to our no-compromise philosophy, bringing you the world’s leading color quality, manufacturing quality and base material quality. Manufactured on the most modern German machines by highly educated and well paid experts in Germany at their MDPC-X manufaktur. 

  • 100% made in Germany incl. all base materials, globally unique cable sleeves.
  • Lead-free base materials and color
  • MDPC-X cable sleeving is 100% recyclable.
  • Globally unique colors. Their world’s leading color creation technology allows us to create the most beautiful, saturated, brilliant and vivid colors.
  • Many MDPC-X cable sleeving colors are fluorescent at UV-blacklight without compromising on opacity.
  • Germany's highest quality UV stabilizers protect our cable sleeving material and color at outdoor use and UV exposure.
  • Maximum rigidity due to our lengthwise oriented braid construction allows the creation of perfectly straight or multi-curved cables free of wobbles.
  • MDPC braided sleeving is used in Germany's automotive industry and made to its highest quality and protective standards.


Their classic cable sleeving is 100% designed for usability and technical advantages. The lengthwise oriented braid structure adds a perfect rigidity in lengthwise direction when stretched lengthwise.

  • Each cable sleeving size reaches its maximum rigidity at the lower end of its diameter range.
  • The MDPC-X rigidity removes all wobbles and mini-curves of the original cable, allowing us to shape a cable / wire perfectly straight. It can even hold a straight horizontal position in the air.
  • Cable turns will flow in a perfectly even curve with perfect transitions to different angles and directions.


100% tinned copper, no markings and coming as a beautiful large inner diameter ring to prevent spiral shaping as much as technically possible. At an outer diameter of only 2.50 mm, this is a class of its own.

Black hookup wire is perfect to slightly tone down light cable sleeving colors.

C-White hookup wire is perfect to maximize the intensity of all medium and light cable sleeving colors. Professionals often use C-White hookup wire for all cables.

Maximized conductor size for lowest resistance, minimized outer diameter: This is the uncompromising MDPC-X 15 AWG hook-up wire, of course 100% made in Germany.

The bigger the cross-sectional diameter, the lower the electrical resistance. 

16 AWG is the maximum size used in today's computers ... until now. MDPC-X raises the bar to the next bigger conductor size of 15 AWG. The outer diameter of only 2.50 mm allows us to use 15 AWG now in the same way as you used 16 AWG before - without any troubles getting the MDPC-X sleeved wire into your connectors. This wire will not be exceeded anymore in electrical performance for PC power supplies. This is the maximum - ahead of the industry.

  • Tinned copper conductor in PVC insulation according to VDE 0812
  • -30°C to 80°C PVC insulation, flame resistant according to VDE 0482-332-1-2. Once braided with MDPC-X cable sleeving it is resistant from -58°C to +155°C. Short term peaks of 215°C can then also be handled without structural degradation
  • Constant operating voltage: 900V, Test voltage 2.500V
  • Electrical resistance per kilometer: max 13.3 Ohm



MDPC-X heat shrinks has no hot-glue on the inside, which makes installation clean and optically flawless in design oriented environments.

Glue-free heat shrink is essential in the construction of custom cables. The use of cheaper, Chinese made heat shrink, which most often comes with glue on the inside wall of the heat shrink, will result in the hot glue eventually seeping into the wire underneath and causing the wire to corrode over time.




Connectors by MOLEX are the holy grail of unmatched precision and zero tolerance production in the world of connectors. This is the highest grade in existence and a level clearly above the rest in this industry. MOLEX typically manufactures a dark blue shade as "black". The MDPC-X specific production is always black, which makes this offering a globally unique one. 






These are the best crimp terminals for ATX, PCI-E and EPS connectors manufactured in the USA by the MOLEX company.





The latest generation acrylic materials are used to achieve an amazing strength at a thickness of only 2.9 mm. This reduced cable comb thickness is the key for our cable comb philosophy that the obtrusion of the cable sleeving flow is minimized by the application of combs. These cable combs serve the function to guide your custom cables in the direction that is appropriate for your specific hardware. 

The CLOSED cable comb holes have a diameter of 3.8 mm, which naturally limits our sleeved cables to an outer diameter of 3.8 mm in order to fit into the cable comb. MDPC-X cable sleeving adds 1.1 mm to 1.2 mm to the outer diameter of our wire. Combined with MDPC-X 15 AWG wire (2.50 mm OD), we have a perfectly matching diameter of ~3.7 mm.