FormD T1 Custom Cables
FormD T1 Custom Cables
FormD T1 Custom Cables
FormD T1 Custom Cables
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FormD T1 24-pin Custom Cable

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NOTE: Our custom cables are made for the Corsair SF series of power supplies only! 

These cables fit in the “2 slot mode” only. The power supply must be offset with the stand off screws to be able to install our custom cables.


Regarding the popular notion that sense wire must be installed on the Platinum 600 & 750 series of Corsair's Power Supplies. 

The "sense wires" or "double wire" are added to sense if there is a voltage drop. If there is a voltage drop sensed by the "sense wires", the Power Supply will correct this by increasing the voltage. Voltage drop occurs due to the length and gauge of the wire. The longer the wire and the higher the gauge, the higher the voltage drop.

The stock 24-pin cable on a Corsair SF Power Supply is 18 gauge and 32 cm.

This amounts to a voltage drop of 0.0133747 or 0.111456 percent. (This is insignificant) 

To get the appropriate bends and turns on our full-length 24-pin custom cables, we use a variety of different cable lengths. The average length is 12 cm and we only use 15 gauge wire (which is more resistant to voltage drop than the higher 18 gauge wire). 

This amounts to a voltage drop of 0.00250146 or 0.0208455 percent. (This is even more insignificant)    

Furthermore, we have only ever used and stress tested our custom made cables on platinum rated SF Power Supplies by Corsair and we have found that leaving out the ‘sense wires’ has no impact on the performance of the computer.

Sleeves by MDPC-X

  • 100% made in Germany incl. all base materials, globally unique cable sleeves.
  • Lead-free base materials and color.
  • MDPC-X cable sleeving is 100% recyclable.
  • Globally unique colors. Their world’s leading color creation technology allows us to create the most beautiful, saturated, brilliant and vivid colors.
  • MDPC-X braided sleeving is used in Germany's automotive industry and made to its highest quality and protective standards.
  • The MDPC-X rigidity removes all wobbles and mini-curves of the original cable, allowing us to shape a cable / wire perfectly straight. It can even hold a straight horizontal position in the air.
  • Cable turns will flow in a perfectly even curve with perfect transitions to different angles and directions.

15 gauge tinned copper wire:

  • Tinned copper conductor in PVC insulation according to VDE 0812.
  • -30°C to 80°C PVC insulation, flame resistant according to VDE 0482-332-1-2. Once braided with MDPC-X cable sleeving it is resistant from -58°C to +155°C. Short term peaks of 215°C can then also be handled without structural degradation.
  • Constant operating voltage: 900V, Test voltage 2.500V.
  • Electrical resistance per kilometer: max 13.3 Ohm.

100% Heat shrink-less design with glue-free Heat Shrink:

  • MDPC-X heat shrinks has no hot-glue on the inside, which makes installation clean and optically flawless in design oriented environments.
  • No Glue = No corrosion of the wires overtime.

Connectors by Molex:

  • MOLEX typically manufactures a dark blue shade as "black". The MDPC-X specific production is always black, which makes this offering a globally unique one. 

Crimp terminals by Molex:

  • These are the best crimp terminals for ATX, PCI-E and EPS connectors manufactured in the USA by the MOLEX company.