FormD T1 8-pin PCIe Custom Sleeveless Cables

FormD T1 8-pin PCIe Custom Sleeveless Cables

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NOTE: Our custom cables are made for the Corsair SF series of power supplies only! 

These cables fit in the “2 slot mode” only. The power supply must be offset with the stand off screws to be able to install our custom cables.

    15 gauge tinned copper wire:

    • Tinned copper conductor in PVC insulation according to VDE 0812.
    • -30°C to 80°C PVC insulation, flame resistant according to VDE 0482-332-1-2. Once braided with MDPC-X cable sleeving it is resistant from -58°C to +155°C. Short term peaks of 215°C can then also be handled without structural degradation.
    • Constant operating voltage: 900V, Test voltage 2.500V.
    • Electrical resistance per kilometer: max 13.3 Ohm.

      Crimp terminals by Molex:

      • These are the best crimp terminals for ATX, PCI-E and EPS connectors manufactured in the USA by the MOLEX company.